Mark Jenkins

"Our global credit platform invests across a spectrum of strategies, including structured credit and CLOs, private debt and direct lending, and mezzanine and distressed investing."

Mark Jenkins
Head of Global Credit

Global Credit is a global, multi-product, markets-focused investment platform with approximately $49 billion of assets under management. More than 125 investment professionals manage 64 active funds that seek to provide investors an edge in pursuing opportunities to create value across various types of credit, public equities and alternative instruments.

Structured Credit and Financing Solutions

Structured Credit: Our 51 structured credit funds invest primarily in performing senior secured bank loans through structured vehicles and other investment products.

Carry & Financing Funds: We have 13 funds in four different strategies: distressed & special situations (including liquid trading portfolios and control investments); private credit (targeting middle market companies debt); energy credit (targeting debt investments in energy and power projects and companies); and opportunistic credit (targeting opportunistic credit investments as a result of market dislocation or special situations and private credit solutions for corporates and sponsors).