Progress Report

A continued focus on carbon reductions

Carlyle Partners V, L.P.



Syniverse is a leading global provider of mission-critical connectivity solutions, providing seamless mobile and wireless communications technologies for service providers and enterprises around the world.

Syniverse has been highly focused on managing its carbon footprint, partially in response to enhanced interest from its customers as well as the company’s own internal policy, which has been developed under Carlyle ownership. Since Carlyle’s acquisition in 2011, Syniverse has reduced the amount of air miles traveled by 50% (normalized for revenue) and 60% (normalized by employee). This has been achieved through increased discipline around limiting non-essential travel, investments in video conferencing technology and a reduction in acquisition activity that required a heightened amount of travel in prior years. In 2016, the CDP (formerly known as the Carbon Disclosure Project), a non-profit that runs the global corporate and governmental disclosure system around governmental impact, introduced a new reporting and scoring system on performance results in carbon reduction. While the 2016 average score was D (within a range of A to D) for the companies in the reporting pool, Syniverse received a performance score of B, which reflected the significant progress and changes the company had made.

Other sustainability initiatives include:

  • In February 2017, Syniverse committed to purchasing 1,818 Green-E Certified Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), or the equivalent to 24% of its Tampa headquarters’ 2015 electricity usage. Each REC represents one MWh of U.S.-based renewable electricity generation, which will further drive down carbon emissions.
  • Awarded a Certificate of Recognition for employees who took the US EPA ENERGY STAR Low Carbon IT Campaign’s Computer Power Management Pledge.
  • Syniverse converted to using Evernex’s service. Evernex is a Carlyle portfolio company that offers a 60% reduction in carbon emissions for servers, as well as avoids the use of raw materials for consumption.


Evernex extends the life of customers’ IT infrastructure through maintenance, reduces life-cycle impacts by offering options for product remanufacturing and provides equipment recycling. It also engages in trading and leasing electronic equipment to provide a second life to IT assets.

Evernex’s approach can reduce the carbon emissions by more than 60% compared to a typical five-year server replacement schedule.

Carlyle is working to bring this greener computing solution to companies in our portfolio. Last year, eight current and former Carlyle portfolio companies (as well as Carlyle) switched to Evernex’s datacenter equipment maintenance solution, including Syniverse. Now under contract for over a year, Syniverse will avoid 700 tons eq. CO2 and 2,743 tons of ore each year under contract to Evernex, based on the number of servers in the plan.