Progress Report

Moving millions of people efficiently with a focus on low-impact fleet operations

Carlyle Europe Partners III, L.P.

Addison Lee gets more than 10 million people where they need to go each year in London alone. In addition to being one of Europe’s largest car hire companies with a growing global footprint, it is working to be a leader in environmental and social performance. Carlyle invested in Addison Lee early in 2013.

The company calculates its overall environmental footprint by measuring five areas: energy use, water use, CO2 emissions, waste produced and waste sent to landfills. It committed to reduce this footprint by 50% compared to 2008 levels by 2020, and as of the end of 2016, had already achieved a 40% reduction.

Addison Lee has undertaken new initiatives since Carlyle’s acquisition. The company maintains a fleet with the vast majority of cars no more than three years old, taking advantage of new vehicle technologies that are more efficient. Further, starting in 2012, the company began to expand its fleet from 290 to 675 hybrid vehicles, which in 2016 accounted for 12% of the overall fleet, cutting emissions by half. To reduce emissions in the City of London, Addison Lee has “ring-fenced” four high-pollution areas and committed to only using electric drivetrains there. Between 2015 and 2016, Addison Lee reduced its emissions by over 500 tons.

In addition, drivers are trained in energy-efficient driving by instructors accredited by the Royal Society of the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA). This manner of driving saves 15% of fuel per tank. Another process innovation pioneered by Addison Lee is called “Going Home,” which enables drivers to request a job going in the direction of their home when they intend to finish for the day. This helps to eliminate unnecessary driving and dead mileage.

The sum total of these initiatives from 2012 to 2016 reduced emissions by 1.2 million metric tons of CO 2 and 49.2 MT of NOx, and saves over 8.4 million liters of fuel every single year.

Addison Lee’s commitment to efficient, low-impact fleet operations has earned it Green500’s first-ever “Diamond” certification, the 2016 Gold Award for Environmental Sustainability from the Professional Driver Awards, Green Fleet’s Private Hire/Taxi Company of the Year in 2015, and Gold recognition from the British Safety Council.