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The Carlyle Group Promotes 24 Professionals to Senior Positions


Washington, DC – Global private equity firm The Carlyle Group announced today that it has promoted 24 professionals to senior positions, six to Managing Director and 18 to Principal/Director. (Principals and Directors are the same level in Carlyle parlance; Principal is the title used in North America and Director is the title used in Europe and Asia.) The individuals work in Carlyle’s offices around the globe conducting buyout, growth capital, real estate and leveraged finance transactions, as well as accounting, human resources, information technology, investor relations, and legal & compliance activities.

New Managing Directors

Investment Professionals:

  • Han Chen – Asia Real Estate; Shanghai

  • Satoru Hayashi – Asia Real Estate; Tokyo

  • James Kim – Asia Real Estate; Hong Kong

  • Nicholas Shao – Asia Growth Capital; Shanghai

  • Feng Xiao – Asia Growth Capital; Beijing 

Investor Services:

  • David Roth –Information Technology; Washington, DC

New Principals/Directors

Investment Professionals:

  • Frazer Burkart – Global Distressed and Corporate Opportunity; Los Angeles

  • Fernando Chueca – Europe Technology; London

  • Matthew Cottrell – Europe Leverage Finance; London

  • Michael Gershenson – U.S. Real Estate; Washington, DC

  • Martin Glavin - Europe Leverage Finance; London

  • Alexis Martineau – Europe Buyout; Paris

  • Sang Pil (Philip) Park - Asia Growth Capital; Seoul

  • Matthew Stanczuk – High Yield; New York

  • Daisuke Takatsuki – Japan Buyout; Tokyo

  • Keith Taylor – Global Financial Services; Washington, DC

Investor Services:

  • Jeremy Anderson – Accounting (U.S. Buyout); Washington, DC

  • Sam (Trey) Block –Accounting (Europe & MENA Buyout); Washington, DC

  • Lauren Dillard – Accounting (Equity); Washington, DC

  • Leslie Eglin – Human Resources; Washington, DC

  • Katherine Elmore-Jones – Investor Relations; London

  • Erica Herberg – Accounting (U.S. Real Estate); Washington, DC

  • Stephen Stryker –Information Technology; Washington, DC

  • Catherine Ziobro - Legal and Compliance; Washington, DC

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