The Carlyle Group Issues Statement on CCC

Washington, DC - Global private equity firm The Carlyle Group today issued the following statement related to Carlyle Capital Corporation (CCC).

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In recent days we have received questions about the relationship of CCC to The Carlyle Group.

CCC is a publicly traded company on the Euronext Amsterdam N.V. A majority of its voting directors are independent of The Carlyle Group. The Carlyle Group has not purchased any of the securities of CCC, although individuals at Carlyle collectively own approximately 15% of the securities of CCC. The Carlyle Group and CCC are separate legal and business entities and under a contractual arrangement, Carlyle serves as the investment advisor to CCC.

Since difficulties in the credit market began in August 2007, Carlyle has supported CCC through its liquidity problems, including the extension of a $150 million line of credit. This line of credit was provided by The Carlyle Group general partnership; none of these funds came from any of The Carlyle Group’s investors or any of our other 59 investment funds. None of The Carlyle Group’s other investment funds or portfolio companies have investments in CCC.

We believe that the challenges facing CCC will have no measurable impact on any other fund sponsored by The Carlyle Group or any of our portfolio companies.

The Carlyle Group is working tirelessly with CCC to assist it in its efforts to maximize value for all interested parties. CCC will continue to provide updates on its progress as the situation develops.

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