Carlyle Global Partners seeks to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns on significant sums of capital over a longer timeframe than typical private equity funds. Carlyle Global Partners targets substantial capital appreciation through investing in businesses and management teams and implementing longer-term value creation initiatives to maximize full portfolio company potential.

Carlyle Global Partners

Longer-term investment strategy unlocks differentiated deal flow

  • Longer-term NAV focus
  • Seeks attractive risk-adjusted returns on significant sums of capital
  • Longer hold capability
  • Significant downside protection and conservative capital structure

Select investment characteristics

  • Ability to put in place longer-term value creation initiatives and underwrite to 7+ year holding periods
  • Target attractive risk-adjusted returns with multiple levers for return upside
  • Control and non-control transactions with appropriate governance
  • Focus on sectors and geographies where Carlyle has longstanding expertise and proprietary sector insight
  • Global mandate with primary geographic focus on North America and Europe

Tailored solutions for longer-term capital appreciation

  • Family-owned businesses / generational transitions
    • Value-added capital to facilitate liquidity through generational transitions
  • Invest capital to scale operating businesses and platform buildups
    • Capital to support organic growth initiatives and create substantial value over a longer-term time horizon
    • Investments in fragmented industries with significant add-on acquisition opportunities and/or transformative transactions where longer-term capital can be of strategic value
  • Provide capital solutions via structured securities
    • Provide liquidity option to existing shareholders
    • Partner with remaining shareholders to invest in further growth of the business

Investment Structure Well-Suited for Longer-Term Investors

  • Opportunity to generate NAV appreciation through continuous compounding
  • No fees on committed capital; aligned with capital deployment
  • Aims to reduce re-commitment and re-investment risk
  • Possible co-investment opportunities with meaningful allocation potential
  • Control and non-control transactions with appropriate governance