Remembrance of Things Past

By: Jason Thomas
Remembrance of Things Past

Debate over the past year about whether the economy was likely to endure a “hard” or “soft landing” has distracted attention from the upward repricing of capital and its implications for asset prices, credit flows, and capital market activity.

Remembrance of Things Past is a Global Insights report from Head of Global Research & Investment Strategy Jason Thomas which shares a perspective in capital markets and the opportunities in the coming years.

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Jason Thomas is Head of Global Research & Investment Strategy at Carlyle. Mr. Thomas helps to formulate firmwide investment strategies and serves as the Chief Investment Officer for managed accounts and the economic adviser to the firm’s Global Private Equity and Credit Investment Committees. 

Prior to joining Carlyle, Mr. Thomas served on the White House staff as Special Assistant to the President and Director for Policy Development at the National Economic Council. In this capacity, Mr. Thomas acted as the primary adviser to the President for public finance.

Mr. Thomas received a BA from Claremont McKenna College and an MS and PhD in finance from George Washington University, where he studied as a Bank of America Foundation, Leo and Lillian Goodwin Foundation, and School of Business Fellow.

Mr. Thomas has earned the chartered financial analyst designation and is a Financial Risk Manager certified by the Global Association of Risk Professionals.