Illuminate Commentary

Illuminate Commentary

Carlyle senior management and professionals share their views and expertise on a range of investment, public policy and economic matters in various forums, including policy papers, media commentaries, TV interviews, speeches and presentations.

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Thu, 03 April 2014
'Global' Internet Governance Invites Censorship
Mon, 31 March 2014
Recovery in Europe - Financial Sponsors and the End of the Beginning
Mon, 03 March 2014
Democrats Need to Support Free Trade - Commentary
Mon, 03 March 2014
David Rubenstein SuperReturn Berlin 2014 Presentation
Thu, 13 February 2014
Humanities vs. STEM: Which degree is better for a job in private equity?
Wed, 18 December 2013
Don’t Fear the Taper: Alpha Strikes Back in 2014
Tue, 03 December 2013
Investing $13 billion in the U.S.: Who, How, When, Why
Tue, 03 December 2013
Macroeconomic Calm in the Midst of Fiscal Storms
Tue, 19 November 2013
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About CLOs
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