The Carlyle Global Infrastructure Buyout team invests in both public and private infrastructure projects and businesses primarily in the U.S. and Canada.

Carlyle Infrastructure Partners

Launched in 2006 at $1.1 billion, this fund invests in public and private infrastructure projects and businesses.

Investment Industry Acquired Status
CalPeak Power

CalPeak is a portfolio of four 49.5 MW natural gas-fired peaking generation facilities in California, including two units located in Northern California and two in Southern California. 

Energy & Power Current
Cogentrix Power Holdings LLC

Cogentrix is a fully-integrated platform that invests in, owns and operates power generation facilities

Energy & Power Current
Cogentrix Power Management

Cogentix Power Management is the technical and operating platform for the power generation assets owned by Carlyle.

Energy & Power Current
Illinois Central School Bus, LLC

Illinois Central School Bus, LLC is a Midwest school bus transportation business. Illinois Central is the fifth largest school bus owner/operator in North America, performing home-to-school bus services during the academic year for public schools, school charter services and non-school charter services.

Infrastructure Current
ITS Technologies & Logistics, LLC

ITS Technologies & Logistics, LLC is an intermodal services company, which generates more than 90% of its revenue from lift-on / lift-off of containers from trains and trucks, the maintenance and repair of transport and lift equipment, and checkpoint administration. Other services include drayage, rail switching, auto unloading, near-dock port operations, and chassis pool services.

Infrastructure Current

Midway is a 122 MW natural gas-fired simple cycle power plant under long term power purchase agreement with Pacific Gas and Electric.

Energy & Power Current
Project Service LLC

Project Service LLC is a joint venture among The Carlyle Group, SUBWAY Restaurants and Subcon, Inc. In November 2009, Project Service entered into a 35-year public-private partnership with the State of Connecticut to redevelop, operate and maintain Connecticut’s 23 highway service areas across the state.

Infrastructure Exited
Qube Logistics

Qube Logistics operates in three divisions covering Automotive, Bulk and General Stevedoring, Landside Logistics and Strategic Development Assets through brands that are well recognized and respected in the markets in which they operate. These businesses provide a broad range of logistics services nationally, focused on the movement of imported and exported products.

Infrastructure Exited
Synagro Technologies, Inc.

During the period of Carlyle's ownership, Synagro Technologies, Inc. was the largest recycler of organic, non-hazardous waste and wastewater residuals in the U.S.

Generalist Exited
Western Water Holdings LLC

Western Water Holdings LLC is a is a holding company that was formed to acquire Park Water Company. Park Water is an investor-owned water utility operating under the regulatory oversight of state public utility commissions in California and Montana and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Infrastructure Exited

Carlyle Infrastructure Partners was established in March 2006 to make investments in both public and private infrastructure projects and businesses primarily in the United States and Canada.

Investment Approach

CIP seeks to invest in infrastructure assets that demonstrate predictable sustainable cash flows underpinned by long-term contracts, attractive regulatory frameworks, defensive market positions or favorable supply and demand dynamics.  CIP targets equity investments of $75-$150 million and prefers majority control or significant minority rights.  Long-term risk adjusted returns are generated from a mix of current cash flows and capital appreciation.

Target Assets

  • Energy: Transmission; Generation; Pipelines; Storage; District Energy
  • Transport: Airports and Aviation Services; Bridges, Roads & Tunnels; Rail; Ports
  • Water & Environmental Services: Water; Waste Water; Waste Management; Waste to Energy
  • Social Infrastructure: Telecom Infrastructure; Parking; Hospitals, Schools & Courthouses; Mass Transit

Dedicated Infrastructure Team

The Carlyle Infrastructure team has nine professionals based in Washington, DC and New York with more than 100 years of aggregate infrastructure and transportation experience.

Team Member Title Location Industry
Robert Dove Senior Advisor Washington, DC Infrastructure
Richard Hoskins Managing Director Infrastructure
Ferris Hussein Managing Director Washington, DC Energy & Power, Infrastructure
Andrew Marino Managing Director Washington, DC Infrastructure
Brittany Serafino Associate Washington, DC
Gregory Stamas Senior Associate Washington, DC Energy & Power, Infrastructure
Peter Taylor Managing Director Washington, DC Infrastructure
Company Industry Acquired Status
Project Service LLC Infrastructure
North Haven, CT