Metropolitan Real Estate logoMetropolitan Real Estate oversees approximately $2.4 billion of aggregate client capital across 36 private equity real estate partnerships focused on U.S. and international markets as of December 31, 2019.

Rigorous analysis and deep knowledge of local markets is core to Metropolitan’s efforts to achieve attractive long-term real estate returns. Experience across cycles, access to local networks and seasoned judgment matter as much as financial reports when looking for value in global real estate. Metropolitan’s experienced team and painstakingly developed network of local, focused fund managers in key global markets is the key to being able to deliver attractive results for investors.

Metropolitan’s senior team invests meaningfully in every fund, creating a compelling alignment of interest.

Pursuant to the Public Pension Fund Code of Conduct, Metropolitan Real Estate is providing lists of certain key personnel (Disclosure Persons), certain fees and expenses, and certain campaign contribution information for candidates (U.S.) federal, state or local offices. For information regarding professional backgrounds of these Disclosure persons, please click the “Team” tab above.

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Identifying Opportunities and Creating Value for Our Clients

Metropolitan Real Estate works to identify value opportunities and to create, sustain and realize attractive long-term value in private real estate.

Metropolitan invests on a global basis alongside what it believes are top-tier fund managers that employ traditional value-added and opportunistic investing strategies. Metropolitan seeks managers who are specialists – focusing on certain assets types and/or geographies. Metropolitan believes that real estate is a local business, where highly specialized, focused managers are best positioned to maximize income, control expenses and generate attractive risk adjusted returns.

With an average of more than 20 years of experience in the real estate industry, Metropolitan’s senior investment professionals have a deep understanding of real estate market trends and an extensive network of relationships with local, focused managers. Metropolitan seeks to construct portfolios of real estate investments that capitalize on the market insights of the team and fund managers.

Metropolitan seeks to create value through a rigorous investment process. Each opportunity is evaluated through a rigorous due diligence process, culminating in final approval by the investment committee. Metropolitan aims to preserve and enhance value over time through favorable transaction structuring, intensive portfolio management and constant communication with the underlying fund managers. Concluding an investment is only the beginning of the relationship – Metropolitan actively partners with fund managers and frequently participates as advisory board representatives.