The Loans & Structured Credit team invests in corporate loans and bonds through structured vehicles and managed accounts. Linda Pace oversees the U.S. Loans & Structured Credit team and Colin Atkins oversees the Europe Loans & Structured Credit team.

The Loans & Structured Credit team generally focuses on performing senior secured bank loans rated below investment grade in the U.S. and European markets. Investment professionals practice a disciplined, anticipatory investment approach that is focused on identifying investment opportunities and proactively managing credit and market risk. Through stringent credit selection and monitoring, the team seeks to avoid defaults and maximize recoveries. The team also engages in active trading to improve credit quality. The Loans & Structured Credit strives to achieve high current income from quarterly or semi-annual cash distributions.

The Loans & Structured Credit team has long-standing close relationships with arrangers of leveraged finance and secondary market makers, and also has the benefit of Carlyle’s extensive network and strong relationships with the financial community. The team sources assets from both the primary and secondary market and has deal flow relationships with all major counterparties active in the U.S. and European leveraged finance markets, as well as strong relationships with nearly all private equity sponsors in these regions.

Loans & Structured Credit investment approach is highlighted as follows:

  • Leverage the investment team's demonstrated analytical, trading and investment management expertise with The Carlyle Group’s superior industry, company and market knowledge.
  • Source investment ideas through The Carlyle Group's extensive industry relationships and network of contacts.
  • Invest in quality companies that offer high current income with a low risk of principal loss using fundamental credit analysis.
  • Construct and actively manage portfolio asset allocations based upon fund objectives and expectations for macro economic performance.