Carlyle’s Distressed & Special Situations team specializes in making alpha-driven debt and equity investments in companies that offer downside protection but with the opportunity to unlock substantial upside potential. The team specializes in investing in (i) distressed, complex, or underappreciated assets, (ii) cyclical, contrarian, or event-driven situations and (iii) broader market dislocations to identify attractive investment opportunities. The Distressed & Special Situations franchise was launched in 2004 and today the team actively manages three funds: Carlyle Strategic Partners II (CSP II), Carlyle Strategic Partners III (CSP III) and Carlyle Strategic Partners IV (CSP IV). In an effort to maximize returns and value, the team seeks to exert influence or obtain control in its investments whenever possible.  The team is co-headed by Shary Moalemzadeh and Ian B. Jackson.

Carlyle Strategic Partners I
投資先 業種 投資 現在の状況
Diversified Machine, Inc.

Diversified Machine, Inc. is a precision machining company specializing in providing automotive powertrain components to the Big 3 OEMs and leading Tier 1 suppliers throughout North America.

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Stellex Aerostructures, Inc.

Stellex Aerostructures, Inc. is a leading full-service provider of highly engineered titanium and aluminum aerostructure components and subsystems for the commercial aerospace, military/defense, general aviation, and space industries. The Company’s customers include major air/space craft original equipment manufacturers.

航空宇宙・防衛及び政府サービス 譲渡又は上場済み
Carlyle Strategic Partners II
投資先 業種 投資 現在の状況

BankUnited is one of the largest depository institutions headquartered in Florida by assets.

金融サービス 譲渡又は上場済み
Brintons Carpets Limited

A global manufacturer of specialist woven carpets for residential and commercial premises.

消費財・小売 継続保有中
Dynamic Precision Group

: Independent manufacturer of fabrications used in commercial and military aerospace, specializing in gas turbine engine components.

航空宇宙・防衛及び政府サービス 継続保有中
Metaldyne, LLC

Metaldyne, LLC is a global designer and supplier of metal-formed components and assemblies for engine and transmission applications including engine connecting rods, transmission valve bodies, crankshaft dampers and pulleys, forged and finished differential gears and assemblies, and balance shaft modules.

運輸 譲渡又は上場済み
RPK Capital Partners, LLC

RPK Capital Partners, LLC invests in a broad spectrum of commercial aviation assets.

航空宇宙・防衛及び政府サービス 譲渡又は上場済み
Carlyle Strategic Partners III

This 2011 vintage fund invests in the debt and equity of operationally sound, financially distressed companies. Investments listed here are in companies that CSP III controls or is a registered affiliate. Other debt and equity positions are not listed.

投資先 業種 投資 現在の状況
Brintons Carpets Limited

A global manufacturer of specialist woven carpets for residential and commercial premises.

消費財・小売 継続保有中
Service King I

Service King is a multiple-shop operator of automotive collision repair centers.

テクノロジー・ビジネスサービス 譲渡又は上場済み
Service King II

Service King Paint & Body, LLC is a multiple-shop operator of automotive collision repair centers.

テクノロジー・ビジネスサービス 継続保有中
Waddington North America

Waddington North America, Inc. (“WNA” or the “Company”) is a leading North American manufacturer and marketer of premium plastic foodservice disposables, including drinkware, tableware, servingware and cutlery for the foodservice, restaurant and consumer markets.

製造業 譲渡又は上場済み
Carlyle Strategic Partners IV
投資先 業種 投資 現在の状況
Liberty Tire Recycling LLC

Liberty Tire Recycling is the premier provider of tire recycling services in the United States. By reclaiming more than 33 percent of the nation’s discarded tires, Liberty Tire annually transforms more than 140 million tires into raw materials for smart, sustainable products that improve people’s lives.

製造業 継続保有中

NORDAM is an aerospace equipment manufacturer and provider of maintenance, repair and overhaul services (“MRO”) to the commercial, business and military aviation end-markets.

航空宇宙・防衛及び政府サービス 継続保有中

The Distressed & Special Situations team utilizes its specialized expertise to acquire the debt and equity of operationally sound, financially distressed companies.  The team focuses on industries in which Carlyle has extensive experience; including aerospace, automotive, consumer, defense, energy, healthcare, industrial, media, power, retail, technology, telecommunications and transportation. We believe our ability to leverage synergies across the broader Carlyle Group and identify investment opportunities across the Global Credit platform is a significant competitive advantage.

We have a lean investment process and a flexible mandate with the ability to invest at all levels of the capital structure to maximize risk-adjusted returns: in bank loans, public debt, structured equity and public as well as private equity. This flexibility allows us to react swiftly to changing market conditions. Our investment track-record demonstrates our ability to generate highly attractive returns throughout the economic cycle and independent of the default rate environment. The team’s investments range from distressed corporate debt and equity securities to real assets, underinvested, liquidity constrained businesses and healthy companies with the potential to unlock value through access to growth capital and a strong sponsor. Our investment horizon spans from short duration investments targeting high IRRs to long duration private equity style investments targeting high multiples of invested capital. We are active investors and seek to obtain influential or controlling interests in investments whenever possible. This enables the team to drive returns and value by influencing the direction of its portfolio companies at the board and senior executive levels.

Capital preservation is paramount to us and as a result, the team employs a private equity approach to due diligence for each investment with a focus on downside protection and a sufficient margin of safety.  Once we make an investment, we create value through operational improvements, capital structure optimization and investments in growth, either organic or through add-on acquisitions.  We draw upon Carlyle’s established network, deep industry expertise and Corporate Private Equity and Global Credit platforms to give us the competitive edge of a strategic player in a market dominated by financial investors.

In addition, the Distressed & Special Situations group uses the Carlyle network to support the management teams of portfolio companies.  We do not act as managers but look to support management by committing capital to attractive growth opportunities and by supporting profit improvement and growth initiatives.  We select managers who can build upon a company’s strengths while also shoring up areas of weakness. In addition, Carlyle’s industry focus enables the team to appoint Board members who have extensive sector experience and can provide critical insights into the issues shaping a portfolio company’s future.