Pursuing Exceptional Outcomes in Global Credit

By: Mark Jenkins and Nathan Urquhart
Globe with multiple connection points

With approximately $50 billion in assets under management (AUM), our Global Credit platform simultaneously provides creative, holistic capital solutions to borrowers and opportunities for investors that span the risk-return spectrum. Our platform emphasizes partnership, flexibility and scalability to develop solutions with expert knowledge and resources to pursue better outcomes for businesses and investors.

Today’s pandemic-driven credit cycle is even more complicated than the 2008 global financial crisis and companies across a range of industries will face challenges navigating an uneven recovery. Our Head of Global Credit, Mark Jenkins, and Global Head of Investor Relations, Nathan Urquhart, share insights on how Carlyle’s Global Credit platform uses varying strategies to meet the needs of borrowers and pursue exceptional outcomes for investors during volatile market cycles and beyond.

Leveraging Our One Carlyle Network to Create Value

Mark Jenkins and team built a credit platform with the goal of delivering integrated, customized solutions that leverage our trusted network, resources and capabilities to identify and seek to mitigate key risks. With access to around 1,000 lender relationships, our team of over 160 credit investment professionals has established long-term relationships across the globe that help us meet borrowing needs and improve credit selection, while creating opportunities to deliver varying return profiles for investors. Rather than accumulating the largest AUM in the industry, we’re focused on performing for investors.

“We’re incredibly partnership and solutions-oriented for both borrowers and investors. We have broad capabilities to deliver the right solution to enable a borrower’s business to prosper. For investors, we aim to deliver consistent, stable yield based on their goals and risk preferences.” - Mark Jenkins, Managing Director, Head of Global Credit

Delivering Opportunities Through an Integrated Platform

Every investor has unique objectives and our goal is to provide flexibility and scalability across a range of strategies that can pivot across credit cycles and opportunities, as well as deliver a range of risk-return attributes. Our credit platform provides investors with a robust set of strategies backed by global resources and extended knowledge in various sectors. Our investment strategy spans the full credit spectrum in three segments:

  • Liquid credit – Carlyle is the third-largest collateralized loan obligation (CLO) manager investing in corporate loans and bonds through structured credit.
  • Illiquid credit – We are a provider of direct lending, opportunistic credit and distressed or special situations capital for middle market companies.
  • Real assets credit – With deep technical knowledge and industry experience across sectors, we are one of the largest dedicated aviation investment managers and building capabilities in global infrastructure project debt investments.
“We manage assets across the risk-return spectrum from liquid performing credit to illiquid performing corporate credit to real assets. By providing a complete offering, we’re able to provide investors with segmented return profiles or blended, tailored solutions.” - Nathan Urquhart, Managing Director, Global Head of Investor Relations

Strong Performance Starts with Strong Partnerships

Investors and borrowers look to Carlyle as a trusted partner that helps drive business growth across market cycles. We aim to provide financing solutions to borrowers while minimizing downside risk through our rigorous approach to due diligence, credit selection and diversified portfolio construction. We are highly selective in our approach and aim to close on less than 5% of originations. Our team is equally focused on monitoring our credit risk across our portfolios and minimizing the default rate, while aiming to perform for investors. We believe our credit platform can deliver a solution for almost any transaction with the capital, macro view, industry expertise and local market experience that businesses seek in a trusted partner.

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