Julian Browne

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Julian Browne is a Senior Advisor in Europe focused on the defense, aerospace and government industries. He is based in London.

Mr. Browne served in the British Army from 1968 to 1993. He was commissioned into the Royal Anglican Regiment and commanded his Regiment on operations in Northern Ireland. He also commanded the 33 Armoured Brigade and was Chief of Staff of the 2nd Division prior to a career in the aerospace and defense industry. He was appointed an M.B.E. in 1980 for work in connection with U.S./U.K. special operations. Initially with Westland Helicopters Ltd., he led the successful APACHE campaign to win the U.K. MoD Attack Helicopter program. Subsequently he served for six years on the Boards of Racal Defense Electronics Ltd., Racal-Thompson Networks Ltd. and Thales International.

In addition to his responsibilities as a Senior Advisor, Mr. Browne serves as Deputy Chairman of Exensor Technology Ltd. and as Non-Executive Director of Clarion Defence Ltd. He is also a Senior Advisor to the Boards of Morgan Advanced Materials Plc, Exensor AB (Sweden), DSM Ltd., Hacking Team srl (Italy), Blueway Ltd. and Greenmantle Ltd.

Mr. Browne graduated from Trinity College, Dublin University and later attended the United Kingdom Higher Command and Staff College.