Julian Browne

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Julian Browne MBE is a Senior Advisor of The Carlyle Group focused on Aerospace, Defence and Government Industries. He is based in London.

In 1993 Mr. Browne exchanged an early career in the British Army, last appointment as a Brigadier in command of an Armoured Brigade, with one in industry.  Initially with Westland Helicopters, he led the marketing campaign for their successful Apache bid for the £2.5bn UK MoD Attack Helicopter programme. His subsequent business career included Board appointments as Strategic Marketing Director at Racal Electronics plc and Racal-Thompson Networks Ltd before joining The Carlyle Group as a Senior Advisor in December 2001. 

Since joining Carlyle, Mr. Browne has served on a number of Boards in the sector including NP Aerospace Ltd and Gardner Aerospace Ltd. Current NED commitments include, Exensor Technology Ltd, Hesco Group Ltd, and as Senior Advisor to Newton Europe Ltd and Praesidiad Ltd.

Mr. Browne holds a Masters in Natural Sciences from Trinity College, Dublin University. In 1980, he received a MBE in connection with UK/US special operations. He is a Trustee and Director of HighGround, a military charity for severely wounded veterans.