Progress Report

Making Environmental, Health & Safety awareness an all-hands priority

Carlyle Partners V, L.P., Carlyle U.S. Equity Opportunity Fund I, L.P. & Carlyle Strategic Partners II, L.P.

A leading manufacturer of complex machined and fabricated components for gas turbine engines, Paradigm Precision has grown rapidly through several acquisitions since Carlyle’s 2013 acquisition.

The company has worked hard to integrate Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) activities throughout its plants. The challenge? Harmonizing EHS practices to take advantage of global one-company management while maintaining focus on workplace safety and environmental citizenship locally.

EHS managers from all facilities have worked to unify policies across the company. The group conducted a successful policy deployment event that produced specific, measurable assignments designed to help ensure all worksites employ consistent best practices in areas of EHS awareness, training, recordkeeping and audits.

Paradigm is developing an online EHS dashboard to enhance the company’s ability to monitor EHS metrics, identify potential risks, conduct investigations and analyses, and disseminate detailed information. The dashboard will also improve Paradigm’s overall EHS management by standardizing data collection and forms used for internal and external reports, presentations and training materials, and by keeping management at all levels informed about EHS issues and focused on EHS activities.

Since Carlyle first began building Paradigm in 2013, the company’s safety performance has steadily improved. The recordable and time-lost injury rates are well below industry averages and continue to decline. All employees are involved in EHS, a fundamental part of Paradigm’s commitment to cultivating a strong workforce and achieving operational excellence.