Building Capacity

Corporate Citizenship Report2017

Achieving our goal of integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations into our investment process requires a combination of a clear policy, an internal process  aligned with our existing investment processes, and the right expertise. Today, given our strong policy and existing process, our next phase of integration must focus on execution. How do we build the depth and breadth of knowledge so that our investment professionals and our management teams at portfolio companies can effectively spot and manage a wide range of “ESG” issues and ultimately create value for the company?

Building capacity at Carlyle

Building ESG capacity at Carlyle. Increasing the capacity of our investment professionals to identify and monitor environmental, social and governance issues in our funds is a priority for Carlyle and our investors.

Building a diverse workforce. Cultivating a diverse workforce enhances our capacity to spot the best deals, make the best investments and gain varied points of view.

Building capacity in our portfolio companies

Building capacity in our portfolio companies to help their teams understand and manage the intersection of environmental and social issues with their businesses, including their customers and their suppliers.

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