Diversity & Inclusion

Building Leadership Capacity through Diversity & Inclusion

At Carlyle, we believe that diverse teams and experiences bring tremendous value to our firm and the alternative asset management industry. We recognize that we will ultimately have more success with a team that not only is diverse, but one that values that diversity and leverages it as a competitive advantage.

That’s why we’re committed to growing and cultivating an environment rich in different backgrounds by recruiting, developing and retaining women and men of all ethnicities, sexual orientations, generations and life experiences. It’s an environment that welcomes people with a variety of perspectives, people who provide unique lenses through which to view potential deals.

One Carlyle and Diversity & Inclusion

In 2013, we established our Diversity & Inclusion Council, which we believe was the first of its kind in the alternative investments industry. The mission of the 20 leaders of the Council is twofold:

  • To foster an environment of inclusiveness for diversity in all forms to enhance our collaborative One Carlyle culture and ultimately make better business decisions
  • To enable Carlyle to hire the most talented professionals in the world

Carlyle values the opportunity and perspective brought by a diverse and inclusive workforce. The very spirit of One Carlyle reflects these values. The idea of collaboration highlights our commitment to the diverse backgrounds, perspectives and experiences that ultimately create value for our investors.

A purposful approach to fostering diversity

We understand that being in touch with the people and cultures our investments affect is just as important as the deals themselves. That’s why individuals from each of the regions in which we invest lead our global funds. We’re proud of our solid grounding in diversity throughout the firm, and the foundation we are building in three critical ways:

  1. Setting the tone at the top

    Our founders have long been strong advocates of a more diverse workforce, and they promote it regularly, both internally and externally. More importantly, they put it into action: Fund and Department Heads teach their teams that they must have a diverse slate of candidates for every position, and then encourage them to add diversity to the team.

  2. Partnering externally with world-class diversity organizations

    To help identify and develop diverse talent early on, we actively engage with leading organizations such as the Toigo Foundation and Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO). We provide training and mentorship for prospective Carlyle candidates from undergraduate school through business school graduation with fellowship programs, networking events, and instructional programs. Carlyle has sponsored a Toigo Fellowship, and since 2007 has hired 36 SEO alums—by far the most in the industry. In 2016 we established two fellowships for minority and female banking analysts with SEO.

  3. Establishing grassroots Employee Resource groups

    Our affinity groups nurture our inclusive culture by focusing their activities on recruiting, developing and retaining women and men of all ethnicities, sexual orientations, generations and life experiences. Since the groups began in 2013, they have hosted more than 100 events, including external speaking engagements, charitable fundraising, recruiting and skills training. In addition, our Diversity & Inclusion Council sponsors Carlyle’s global mentoring program, which has had over 500 participants from every corner of the firm in the three years of its existence.

Our Current ERGs are:

  • DC/Rosslyn Women
  • NY Women
  • African Americans
  • Veterans
  • Young Professionals
  • Working Parents
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT)

Initiatives that emerged from our ERGs include introducing domestic partner benefits and starting leveraged relationships with Historically Black Colleges and Universities to increase recruitment channels.

A focus on diverse recruiting and hiring

We recruit from diverse channels and foster an environment that supports retention and promotions of a more diverse workforce. We seek to bring diversity in all forms to Carlyle—not only diversity in gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, religion and age, but also in their personal backgrounds, life histories and—significantly—their thoughts and ideas.

We track a range of key performance indicators (KPIs) on diversity and inclusion. These include:

  • 2-Year Associate Hiring: In 2017, we completed the hiring of our 2018 incoming U.S. Corporate Private Equity Funds 2-Year Associate class, which will be 64% diverse by gender and race. Our incoming 2-year associate class has been at least 50% diverse each of the past four years. Our goal is continuous improvement in building a pipeline of diverse talent.
  • Racial Diversity in Principal/Managing Director positions: 27 people of color at the Principal or Managing Director level (16% of total)
  • All global employees: Men 59%, women 41%
  • All U.S. employees: 15% Black/African-American, Hispanic or Latino, or two or more races; 85% White or Asian

Note: All statistics exclude the Hedge Funds.
All data as of December 31, 2016.