Progress Report

Emphasizing safety to reduce accidents

Carlyle Asia Partners IV, L.P. & Carlyle Partners VI, L.P.

ADT is an advanced security solutions company that operates a fleet of almost 400 vehicles in Korea. Carlyle’s investment in ADT Korea in May 2014 provided new resources to help the company develop sustainability goals, including the reduction of fuel consumption per account and improving employee safety.

With 2014 as a baseline year (the year of Carlyle’s investment), by the end of 2016, ADT Korea had reduced fuel consumption by 16.5%. New initiatives included re-allocating patrol cars based on historical dispatch data and leasing more fuel-efficient patrol cars (15.8km/liter for new vehicles vs. 14.1km/liter for old).

The company focused equally on reducing traffic accidents to improve employee safety. Accidents had increased in number between 2014 and 2015, as the company was developing its mitigation plan. But Carlyle, ADT Korea and the company’s labor union worked together to implement new efforts starting in 2015 to reduce traffic accidents. These included:

  • A regular traffic safety training program for patrol guards and installation staff
  • In-car black box cameras to enforce safety standards and monitor driving habits. Worked with labor union to install this equipment in all vehicles. Monitored vehicle speed and driving activity through telematics and implemented 24/7 ADT Mapping System.

Since these new measures were introduced, the company has seen strong results: traffic accidents have decreased by 16% since 2015.