Global Market Strategies

Global Market Strategies

$34b Global Market Strategies

Global Market Strategies enables investors to take advantage of new and diverse investment opportunities in a range of asset classes.

Michael “Mitch” J. PetrickManaging Director and Head of
Global Market Strategies

Global Market Strategies is a global, multi-product, markets-focused investment platform with $34 billion of assets under management. More than 200 investment professionals manage 68 active funds that seek to provide investors an edge in pursuing opportunities to create value across various types of credit, public equities and alternative instruments. Global Market Strategies manages three groups of funds:

Structured Credit
Our 43 structured credit funds invest primarily in performing senior secured bank loans through structured vehicles and other investment products.

Hedge Funds
Our three hedge fund strategies focus on long/short credit, commodities trading, and emerging market equities and macroeconomic strategies.

Carry & Financing Funds
Our 11 carry and financing funds specialize in three strategies: middle-market finance, energy mezzanine, and global distressed and corporate opportunities.