The Carlyle Group Acquires Automotive Software Provider Broadleaf Co., Ltd.; Carlyle's Global Network Will Help Broadleaf Expand Overseas

Mon, 26 October 2009

The Carlyle Group Acquires Automotive Software Provider Broadleaf Co., Ltd.; Carlyle's Global Network Will Help Broadleaf Expand Overseas

Tokyo, Japan - Global private equity firm The Carlyle Group today announced that it has agreed to acquire 100% of the outstanding shares of Broadleaf Co., Ltd. (Broadleaf), one of the largest auto after-market software providers to the repair & inspection industry in Japan. Broadleaf is currently owned by Olympus Corporation and ITX Corporation. The transaction is scheduled to close on November 13, 2009. Further financial details were not disclosed.

Since its establishment in 2005, Broadleaf has expanded its business as a subsidiary of the publicly listed ITX. After reaching agreement with current shareholders, Broadleaf has decided to become independent through a management buyout (MBO). By leveraging Carlyle's global network, Broadleaf aims to achieve further growth through accelerating its overseas operations.

Mr. Masao Hirano, Managing Director and Co-Head of Carlyle Japan Partners, said, “We are impressed with Broadleaf's quality products and solid industry position and have great confidence in the leadership of Broadleaf President Kenji Oyama and his management team. Carlyle's global network will help Broadleaf realize a growth surge as a comprehensive solutions provider for the supply chains of companies in automobile after-market industries.”

Mr. Kenji Oyama, President and CEO of Broadleaf, said, “Broadleaf's database and systems are crucial for our customers' frontline operations. We have grown with our customers through our corporate philosophy of ‘gratitude and joy.’ As the automobile industry is undergoing considerable changes, we believe it is necessary to modify Broadleaf's business model by partnering with The Carlyle Group, which makes investments with a medium-to-long term perspective. By becoming independent through an MBO, Broadleaf increases business flexibility and speed of its decision making to better serve our customers.”

Mr. Oyama added, “Looking ahead with our new shareholder, we believe the new business model will increase the convenience and value-added for our customers and support their business development activities. Moreover, we will strive to grow with our customers globally and live up to the meaning of our corporate name, “Broadleaf,” by spreading our branches around the world.”

Broadleaf increases the operational efficiency of automobile-related after-market industries. Broadleaf's proprietary database and system software packages manage the handling of estimates and work orders for maintenance and repair shops. It also supplies component distribution and trading industries with marketing administration software and other operational support software packages. In addition, Broadleaf offers administrative system packages related to mobile phone sales, travel, and machine tools as well as operates a cooperative recycling component inventory network for automobiles.

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Broadleaf Co., Ltd.

Broadleaf develops and markets the Super Frontman automobile maintenance system and other system software packages for diverse kinds of automotive-related business operations, including administrative system packages that handle inventory control, customer management, estimate/sales/billing administration, police vehicle management and other administrative processes. These products are provided to companies in various automobile after-market business fields, such as maintenance and repair shops, body shops, used car dealers, dismantlers, and component distributors. Further leveraging its system software packages know-how, Broadleaf develops and markets system software packages and databases for other kinds of customers—including companies associated with travel, machine tools, and mobile phone sales as well as for major IT-related companies—and provides related support services. In addition, it engages in IT solutions operations encompassing the development, sales, operation, and support of diverse next-generation systems associated with the previously mentioned system software packages. Specifically, it operates the Parts Station NET cooperative recycled automobile component inventory network, which focuses primarily on used components, the comprehensive automobile search site, which helps people confidently undertake automobile purchases as well as efficiently arrange automobile sales, and other services. For more information, please visit the Group's website:

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